Bather’s Dermatitis

Bather’s Dermatitis Attention!

What is dermatitis?
Swimmer’s dermatitis is a skin condition that is caused by a sting of a small organism almost invisible to the naked eye, an aquatic larva called cercaria. The presence of cercariae in bathing 2017-dermatite-1water comes from aquatic birds carrying the parasite. The excrements of these birds contaminate the snails present at the edge of the shore, which in turn release cercaria that return to contaminate the birds. Nevertheless, cercariae can reach bathers who get stung accidentally causing an allergic reaction. The most vulnerable are young children.

It is not transmitted from person to person and there is no connection with water pollution

Where did we see it and what can we do?

2017-dermatite-2Several cases were recorded in the Maskinongé Bay of Lac Papineau in 2016 and it is therefore important to restrict the spread of cercariae by not to feeding wildlife and waterfowl such as ducks, geese as well as avoid brewing of water by motor boats.


Composting: an ecological and profitable gesture  2017-composte-ang

If you want to do something simple for the environment, composting is the ideal activity. 2017-composte

Moreover, at the end of this activity, you will get a fertile soil, free and already delivered !

Why compost?

Composting reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill sites, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and promotes the use of natural fertilizers. Adding compost, on a regular basis, improves the quality and fertility of the soil, promotes the growth of resistant plants.

However, adding compost along the river banks is forbidden.

May,Tree Month

Every year in collaboration with groups connection with the drainage basin of the region and the Ministry of Lands and Forest, the municipality distributes trees free of charge. Consult our web site.

Public Access and Hiking Trail

Several free accesses are available in order to benefit from our beautiful environment such as Lac Champagneur and Lac au Loup. You also have access to the Maskinonge River from the municipal park where you will find a rest stop, games for children and a restaurant.

Ipperciel Hiking Trail

A hiking trail is offered free of charge. Presently, this circular trail of 3.2 km consists of 3 peaks and offers many spots for viewing. You have access to this trail from montée Major. A municipal parking has been created. In future years the trail will be created to cover a length of 9.4km.

By-law reminders

  • Itisobligatoryto let grass, treesandshrubsgrow on thefirst 10 or 15 meters ofwidthoftheshorelineoflakesandwaterwaysandthis, fromthehighwaterline
  • No camp fires are tobelocalized in theshorelinestrip
  • No work or construction, with or withoutfoundation, no bankingup or excavation isallowedinsidetheshorelinestrip
  • The cleaning of septic systems as foreseen by the law, is once every two years for permanent residences and once every four years for secondary residences. Don’t forget to send your receipts of septic system cleaning to the municipality
  • Many works of renovation require a permit. Contact your inspector for more information
  • The permanent use of trailers, tent trailers and recreational vehicles is forbidden on all the territory