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History of Boileau – Ponsonby
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We sincerely thank all who have graciously allowed us to use their pictures freely. Many of these photos were among the finalists in the “Imaginez p’tit nord” competition.


Coat & Arms

Armoirie 2
1- A pointed shield presenting four cantons quartered in fess and pale in a cross surmounted by a vice-regal crown referring to the original name of Ponsonby Canton (1876) from the family of Count Vere Brabazan Ponsonby of Bessborough under the five crenels representing the constituents of the municipality: Brookdale, Gramont, Rockway Valley, Vernet and Boileau.

2- The horizontal fess and vertical pale in the form of a cross symbolise the presence of the catholic church of Sainte-Valérie and the Methodist church of Brookdale.

3- In dexter chief: the edelweiss representing the German origins :
In sinister chief : the rose representing the English origins :
In sinister base : the Irish shamrock :
In dexter base: the Scottish thistle :
At the point of the shield: the fleur-de-lys for France and Quebec

4- At the point, the ground evokes Nature with mounts: Noir, Chêne and Cimetière, the waters of the rivers and lakes and the many neighbouring forests of maple trees and evergreens.

5- The supporters are strength and beauty: two magnificent upright bucks.

6- The scroll shows the motto Nulli secundo: « Second to none »

7- The colours: orange for the beauty of Fall, green for the flowers and the leaves of the forests and gold for the splendor of a region dear to its inhabitants.