Household waste

Garbage Collection Schedule 2022

Garbage collection will be held every 3 weeks, on Mondays beginning at 7:00 a.m. (with exception).

From July 4th until September 5th, the garbage collection will be every week.

It is now possible to dispose of your recliners, chairs, mattresses, tables and other household garbage through regular garbage collection.

Recyclable materials

Will be picked up every 3 weeks on Fridays from the month of March (with a few exceptions)

Recycling Tips
What goes in your recycling bin?

The following items will not be picked up in the regular garbage collection. These are the sole responsibility of the citizens:

Vehicles, ashes, grass, leaves, chemical products, dangerous waste and any other material that are not in accordance with the law will not be collected.

Construction waste

It is possible to deposit your garbage from May 13 friday from 8 am to 3h30 pm and saturday from 8 am to 12 pm.

Domestic Hazardous Waste DHW

You can bring your old tires, used oil, batteries from motorized vehicles, as well as your paint containers of less than 170 liters sold by a retail merchant except paints prepared for artistic use, to the municipal garage.  Contact the municipal inspector Mr Yvan Roy to know where to put them.

You may deposit your domestic batteries and your compact fluorescent light bulbs at the Town Hall during office hours.