Religious life

We are fortunate to have three religious communities present in our community and we invite you to discover them and get in contact with them.

Sainte-Valérie de Boileau
Église Anglicane de Ponsonby
Église Unie De Brookdale

Sainte-Valérie de Boileau

Comité de la fabrique

Ghislain Corbeil   –   président   –   (450-822-0188 /

Beverly St-Aubin   –   trésorière, marguillière   –   (819-687-9330 /

Jocelyne Décarie   –   secrétaire d’assemblée, marguillière-lien pastoral   –   (819-687-2517 /

Yolande Desjardins   –   marguillière, sacristine   –   (819-687-3035)

Jocelyne Naud   –   marguillière   –   (819-687-3466)

André St-Aubin   –   marguillier   –   (819-425-4384 /

Denis Sylvestre   –   marguillier   –   (819-687-3466)

Edwina Martin   –   déléguée pastorale   –   (819-687-3092)

Jean-Marie Anoh   –   curé   –   (819-318-3408 /

Église Anglicane de Ponsonby

The Anglican Church history dates back to the 1870’s when it was listed as part of the territory being serviced by the Anglican Priest in Morin Heights.

A chapel was built in 1891 and torn down in 1935. The Ponsonby Anglican Cemetery is still in use today. The Ponsonby Charge is now part of the Anglican Parish of Arundel.

Anglican services are held in Grace Church Arundel every Sunday at 11:00 A.M. and is followed each week by a luncheon in the parish hall.

More information about the Ponsonby Anglican Church can be obtained by calling.

Harold Linton, responsible for the Ponsonby Charge,
at 819-687-9322

Église Unie De Brookdale


A Methodist Church was built in 1905. It became a United Church in 1924 with the union of the Methodist, Congregationalist and Presbyterian Churches. The church is under the umbrella of the Namur Pastoral Charge.

Services are held during the summer and a Christmas service is held on December 24th each year.

A major fund raiser for the church is held the first Saturday of July each year. The event is a strawberry tea and bake sale.

Greta MacWhirter is responsible for the church and can be contacted
at 819-687-2752